Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Mixhell on John Neschling's blog!

Electronic music has played an important role in contemporary culture. 
Developing the language of jazz and rock, combined with the power of creativity and electroacoustic sound, musicians of various nationalities have been engaged in a work that reaches millions of listeners around the world. Means that the technique and put at the disposal of computer artists who research sounds, rhythms and sounds from diverse cultures, allow the results of these surveys, packed with music and live electronic manipulation to produce shows that have drawn millions of fans in Europe, United States and Japan. One of the exponents of this new language is a Brazilian, former member of one of the most important rock bands of recent years, Sepultura. Separated from the band, Iggor Cavalera and his wife Laima followed a path of research and musical creation and technological phenomenon that became a "cult" in this world special and sophisticated, "Mixhell. Iggor has also worked with his brother Max in a project called Cavalera Conspiracy. Both aspects are little market in Brazil, in terms of contemporary music is more likely to Shakira than to sophisticated research. Here in these parts, however their shows fill specialized clubs. Linked unformally to the family, Iggor and Laima are my nephews and came to visit me at my home in Switzerland, between a show in Paris and in Rome, part of an almost continuously tour, which leads them to the most important centers of the world (Berlin is a mecca for practitioners of that particular language). Brazil, as in many other cases of cultural inefficiency, does not offer working conditions that allow them to spend at home more than two or three days once in a while. And so it produced a most unusual gathering of musicians between two profoundly different languages, but connected by the seriousness of the work and the need for an involuntary exile.
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John & Iggor, Lugano april 2011
pic by: Rebecca Barreto

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Mixhell Tv - Barcelona!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

This saturday..."Paris Acid meets Brazil MalariaGroove!"

This saturday we will be playing live with our great friend "Arnaud Rebotini" for the release of his new live show.
We will be performing live with him some old "Blackstrobe" stuff and also debuting the track we did together called "Blast from the Past".
Click here to download this killer "Rebotini Minimix" and get ready for saturday mayhem!!!

Mixhell Tv - live at Asteroid!

This guy who filmed this video u watched is one of our supa cool drum techs "Pedro Verdone"
Pic by: Larissa Moura

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Mixhell Tv - Booty Calling S.P.!

Tarko & Iggor & Ben
pic by :::::: Ruda

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Mixhell Tv - Cavalera Conspiracy Kids!

Amazing picture by: Laima Leyton