Sunday, August 28, 2011

"My definition of Hard vol.6" with 'Deathface'

We first met Johnny in a festival somewhere in France when he still was with his old band Guns n Bombs, since then we have been crossing our paths all over the globe and i have been noticing that his music is getting darker and darker, so i had to call him up to be part of this musical madness project called "My definition of Hard".
He delivers a brutal mix... that made us suppa proud!!!
Make sure u grab his latest stuff on Trouble and Bass records.
Iggor and Laima

Download mix here

Whitehouse - wriggle like a fucking eel
Nile - cast down the heretic
Mastodon - hail to fire
Delta 9 - welcome to hell
Doormouse - skelechiars (venetian snares remix)
Brujeria - brujerizmo
Ministry - thieves
At the gates - blinded by fear
Whitechapel - the somatic defilement
Myrkskog - syndrome 9
Deathface - fall of man
Burzum - sverddans
Darkthrone - transylvanian hunger
Marilyn Manson - abuse part 1 (there is pain involved)
Named “Artist To Watch 2011” by Beatportal, Deathface (AKA Johnny Love
and vocalist Adri Law) comes at you hard with the release of “Fall Of
Man EP.” This six-track EP is inspired by Midwest hardcore of the
90’s, Magic the Gathering, woodland bonfire parties and white trash
drug debauchery, and musically Atari Teenage Riot and Aleister
Crowley. It’s the soundtrack to The Omen’s Damien Thorn and The
Exorcist’s Regan MacNeil dropping 2C-B at Anton LaVey’s first rave.
Scary, right?

Now for some history…Johnny Love is one of the most provocative
figures in dance music. A native of Southside Chicago, Johnny rose to
infamy in his hometown in the early 2000’s throwing a series of events
at The Jerkstore that shunned predictable-dance-rock for eclectic and
loose cuts from minimal techno to French touch house. The parties got
so wild that Love was imprisoned by the Chicago police on more than
one occasion.

With things too hot in Chicago, Johnny moved to Los Angeles and formed
hard-hitting electro-house duo Guns N’ Bombs who were quickly offered
a contract by Kitsuné founder Gildas Loaec. After a vast amount of
critical acclaim and the making of many friends, enemies and frenemies
Guns N’ Bombs disbanded in 2009, and Johnny decamped to a hideaway in
Charlotte, NC to craft Deathface’s swift and deadly takeover and work
on various collaborations, including an amazing t-shirt through Mishka
designed by Seattle’s death-rock-obsessed streetwear giants Actual


Friday, August 26, 2011

Africa is the future!!!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

My definition of hard Volume 5 "Dwid Hellion"

Hello y'all....
This time we have the immense pleasure to bring you the volume 5 of our mix series with one of our favourite artists today.
His name is Dwid Hellion and he is a Gent based musician, producer, composer, video maker , merch king!
I met him in Cleveland, Ohio with Derrick Green during a Sepultura tour back in the days when he was still living in America and i was a huge fan of his band "Integrity".
Then we crossed our paths again in a toy store in Gent, Belgium and since then we've been exchanging lots of musical ideas and i hope to do a musical collaboration with him soon.
This is 44:37 minutes of "MIXHELLION"
I hope you guys enjoy this as much as i do!!!
Iggor Cavalera

  Mixhell presents "My definition of Hard Volume 5 with Dwid Hellion " by MIXHELLSOUNDCLOUD

Tracklist with comments:

in 1997 i produced this track for my friend Boyd Rice. This song appears on Boyds NON album, "God & Beasts"

Japanese Metal Punk vs LLN french black metal as a 1960s Italian horror film soundtrack . . .

the original japanese black metal blueprint 

incredible Finnish homage to 1980s heavy metal

noisecore from japans terrorists

G.I.S.M. 'KI-1'
The eternal KINGS of Japanese Metal Punk

Thee Grand Chingon!

From my 1st full length noise album, "From Xicotepec With Love" (1997)

Dwid Hellion

If you are in France in September, u gotta check out on this!!!

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

My definition of hard Volume 4 "Drumcorps"

We are sooo proud of the exchange of musical ideas that "My definition of Hard" series is bringing, not only we all get to know a bit more about our music partners, but is pure pleasure to go deep into their darkest musical tastes.
This time we have the amazing Aaron Spectre aka Drumcorps, the first time we heard Drumcorps we wore buying records with our great friend Stephan Dewaelle (Soulwax/2manydjs) in their hometown Gent (Belgium) at the awesome vinyl shop Music Man (R.I.P.) and when we put this album with a medieval cover on, it was like "whooooaaaa" i was blown away by how great "Grist" for us it was as fresh as hearing "Godflesh" for the first time.
Since then i got in touch with Aaron and we started a collaboration for a Mixhell/Drumcorps track coming out in the future on our record.
Please enjoy this awesome mix...
is pure gold!!!
Mixhell 2011

Download the mix here
true widow - jackyl (kemado)
deafheaven - violet (deathwish)
mogwai - glasgow mega-snake (matador)
converge - dead (equal vision)
botch - c. thomas howell as the "soul man" (hydra head)
the golden palominos feat. nicole blackman - victim (restless)
deathprod - towboat (rune grammofon)
nine inch nails - leaving hope (nothing)
current value - fear (future sickness)
nails - scum will rise / scapegoat (southern lord)
trap them - reincarnation of lost lones (deathwish)
bane - speechless (equal vision)
snapcase - filter live (victory)
doomriders - heavy lies the crown (deathwish)
cave in - i luv i jah (hydra head)

"sadness -> despair -> action -> pma -> love
some roots, some future, all heart
selected and mixed for mixhellblog, best heavy blog on the planet!!
august eighth the year of our lord purgatory two thousand eleven"

Drumcorps' Aaron Spectre started off playing drums and going to all ages shows in the wasteland of suburban Massachusetts. He was fortunate to have been heavily influenced by bands like Converge, Bane, and Cave In during his formative years. As his interests shifted to electronic music, he moved to NYC, bought turntables, and started producing ambient, jungle and drum'n'bass. In 2003 he relocated to Berlin, Germany, to launch his music career. He released several vinyl 12îs, and soon found a following playing at squats and raves around Europe. Spectre founded Drumcorps to synthesize the unlikely mix of electronic music production values and the raw power of American hardcore. The result is not for everyone, but to Drumcorps' devout fans, it delivers: Drumcorps shows are notoriously high-energy, cathartic affairs.

Drumcorps' debut full-length, Grist, won an Award of Distinction at Prix Ars Electronica, a prestigious yearly prize whose past winners include Aphex Twin, Chris Cunningham, and Peter Gabriel. 2008-2009 was Spectreís widest-reaching period to date, logging over 158,000 miles of travel, with gigs on four continents, including return trips to Russia and Japan, and debuts in Mexico, Taiwan, Australia and New Zealand. Spectre spent the better part of 2010-2011 putting the finishing touches on a much-anticipated follow up to Grist, as well as resettling in the USA.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

My definition of hard Volume 3 "The Jokers of the Scene"

We are so freakin' proud to annouce our next guest on the "Definition of Hard" series.
"JOTS" The canadian masters of doom are our great friends, partners in remixes and tours gonna show you guys their darkest side on this amazing 1:48 minutes of pure golden madness.
Enjoy, download and spread the dark gospel!!!
"JOTS bloody JOTS"
Mixhell 2011

  Jokers of the Scene "Mixhell Presents My Definition of Hard Vol. 3" by Jokers of the Scene

obby Beausoleil "Lucifer Rising Part I"
Earth "Omens And Portents I: The Driver"
Jodis "Ascent"
Rema-Rema "The Feedback Song"
Jesu "Sedatives"
Alcest "Solar Song"
Merzbow "Rainbow Electronics"
Chasing Voices "Acidbathory"
Scott Walker "The Cock Fighter"
Vindicatrix "Hume"
Mayhem "Silvester Anfang"
Swans "Beautiful Child"
Winter "Oppression Freedom"
Voivod "Tribal Convictions"
Die Kruezen "In School"
Liturgy "Mysterium"
Deafheaven "Tunnel of Trees"
Tim Hecker "The Piano Drop"
Current 93 "Imperium I"
Comus "Diana"
The Staple Singers "This May Be The Last Time"