Monday, December 28, 2009

Pictures from swxms by Laima

Thursday, December 24, 2009


Guys, on this video you can see Iggor (MIxhell), Steve (Soulwax), Steph (Soulwax), Bert (Goose), Matt (Das Pop) and little Moses (Upcoming Artist), Bent from Das Pop gongs the end.
And that's how we celebrated XMas with our belgium family!
Miss you all! Enjoy!

Tuesday, December 22, 2009


Sunday, December 20, 2009


Snow Snow Snow! and the freezing Eurostar
We all stucked at Dover Port, back to London and show is now on Tuesday! Hope we can make it! And see you there!

Saturday, December 19, 2009


Friday, December 18, 2009

Drum Off Day 3 - With special guests Fergus and Fee (The Whip)

Drum Off Day 1 - We Love Animals

Super Drum Off at SoulwaxMas in Belfast

So, what we do now, is, every night, we have 3 drum kits + percussion and a big gong on stage to celebrate with all the drummers around.
In London Iggor + Steph + Steve + Blake on drums and Zongamin on percussion!
Manchester we had Lil' Fee (The Whip) + Fergus on percussion as our special guests, with Iggor and Steve.
In Belfast another great surprise we had Leo (The Prodigy) + Steph + Steve and Iggor as you can see on this video I made while djing...

And Blake comes on stage again on a naked version on the GONG


Sunday, December 13, 2009

Soulwax Performs We Love Animals Live

The new track by Crookers feat Soulwax and Mixhell is here performed by Soulwax live at Brixton Academy.
One more time we can say Soulwax's new live set is the best live act of the moment.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

We Love Animals/ Crookers feat. Soulwax and Mixhell

The track everyones been waiting for!
For our friends, you can now download it here!

Soulwaxmas London Brixton Academy Day I

Check out the amazing line up...
... And the amazing crowd...

Soulwax did their new set live which was massive!
Let's get ready for day 2! A lot more to come!!!!


Tuesday, December 8, 2009

buraka som sistema set for fader

our friends from BURAKA have this amazing set they did for FADERmagazine. It has an awesome edit of our higly explicit (brodinski remix) grab it here and ENJOY!!!!


Had a great weekend with the family~

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

#laceupsavelives #red

Monday, November 30, 2009

Wildlife new release "Jumbie" is Out NOW!

"WILDLIFE! releases his new EP "JUMBIE" with remixes from Schlachthofbronx, Mixhell, Beware & Motorpitch and Edu K. Once more WILDLIFE! highlights the tropic's darker side of life with this dark, percussion driven smasher to keep caribbean ghosts busy on any given dancefloor. 

WILDLIFE! first came to public attention for his unanimously praised musical productions on Terry Lynnʼs stunning debut-album “Kingstonlogic 2.0”. The blogosphere ignited while global press tried to coin a name for what they saw as a new 'emerging genre'. They tried 'digital-dancehall', 'ghettotech' even 'jamaican-electro-punk' ...but he simply described it as "sort of like... putting a Jamaican cat in a blender feet first and turning up the bass to balance out the noise."

GET IT HERE: Jumbie on Beatport


Iggor and Goose just talk Simmons

Disco Dad and DJ Tyrant

A sweet night with friends in Sao Paulo.
First Pat and James and then with Toxic Avenger at Gloria!

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Again in Sao Paulo Tonite

Friday, November 27, 2009

Soulwax in Belgium!

remix party @ matter london video

hello friends!!!
this is a video from one of the best parties we played!
big up to Eddy Temple Morris ,  Matter Crew & the London crowd (u guys rock!).

Mixhell Presents Buraka Som Sistema in Sao Paulo

We had an amazing night with them. A great set! It's so good to be home and bring friends along! Have to fully thank the secret Bar crew and S2Air Sao Paulo, there is no place like this in the world!
As we didn't have much time, we did a gastronomic tour in Sao Paulo with Burakas. From the Sushi place to the Churrascaria, next day Italian Restaurant! Food OD!

Sany Pitbull came specially from Rio to join us!

Sunday, November 22, 2009


Back Home!

Amazing to be back home! Sweet to see the kids!

Iggor made new friends in Jakarta!


From Hong Kong we headed to Jakarta where a very cool festival was happening. Jakarta was super hot and it felt like Brazil! We played with Franz Ferdinand and Sasha on the main stage and also got to meet some acts as Drum Connection and Novak 3D Disco. Amazing show to celebrate the end of the tour.
Big up to Arief and all Embassy Club Crew!


Volar is a very very nice club in HK.
The party started super posh, models there, get free drinks and whoever is not a model buys a loooot of drinks. That is the formula of the Hong Kong "for members only" night club.
It was friday and it was packed. The local DJs and the VJ did a very  nice job before we went on.
The set was amazing and full of energy, we had an amazing time.

Some crazy fighting happened when we went just about to leave the club.

Thursday, November 19, 2009


Acidkids are dead! They are reborn in the jungle of brazil. After their last smashin EP’s
„Mad Mahoney“ and "Mitch", you will find it in the playlist of Erol Alkan, Crookers, Mr Oizo,
Steve Aoki, Busy P, Sebastian or Chloé, Acidkids are back with their brandnew single called
"Big Foot" on the own label "Acidkids Records"!
They got a feature from the one and only Marina, also well known as ex-member of the crazy
brazilian baile funk crew „Bonde do role“ and she sings, screams, shouts with a lot of power
over this rythmic basstrack with a tribal touch,
There is also a bonus track "Josef Geld", that brings good old country styled guitar music back
directly to middle of the clubs.
The Acidkids got also again a bunch of well-known acts and friends remixing "Big Foot".
At first Mixhell, from New Judas and Boys Noize Rec did a hardcore-bassline monster remix .
Frenchmen Krikor, well-known from Joakim’s Tiger-Sushi Label, comes along with a bouncin`
and funky Pouic Pouic Remix And munichs upstarter and baile funk/tropical heroes Schlachthof-
bronx are the best to complete this fulminant release.

Grab it, play it, chart it! Thank you!!!


Street Date: 11th of December, 2009
Comes with Remixes from Krikor, Mixhell and Schlachthofbronx


01. Big Foot (Original)
02. Big Foot (Krikor Remix)
03. Big Foot (Mixhell Remix)
04. Big Foot (Schlachthofbronx Remix)
05. Big Foot (Radio Version)
06. Josef Geld (Bonustrack)


Drugs Dirty Dancing and pounding Techno Music

Monday, November 16, 2009

Night in Hong Kong

In the afternoon we met lovely Andy, from Berlin, who took care of us all day. We went to more crazy street markets with all "made in China" things you can imagine. Tammy Hilfiger, Caivin Kein and Abidas are some of the brands I can recall. Next, we headed to Temple Street to have the tipical chinese street food. I have to admit, that, after all the meat we saw in the morning, our appetite wasn't the best. But apparently, the chinese street food is the most tipical and tasty food around, so we went for it. With Andy, his friend James from San Francisco and Ana Paula, a brazilian model who lives here, we adventured ourselves into this crazy food experience. Check out the toilet napkins they had. I loved the experience but as usual, Iggor didn't enjoy as much.

After that our lovely friends took us to The Peak where we could check the amazing view of the Island. Hong Kong is so nice! A bit like Sao Paulo meets Tokyo. We loved the city.

Friday, November 13, 2009

Morning in Hong Kong

So jet lagged we where that we woke up around 5 am. Waited a while before we had breakfast and decided to walk around an area called Wan Chai where there are tons of commercial streets. Found couple of very cheap gadgets for the kids but the most incredible stuff we saw where on the restaurant windows and on the open air meat markets. Check these pics.

Set Up for Prodigy Show in Sao Paulo

Arnold x Laima in Japan

Summer Sonic In August

Mixhell crowd in Japan!

Tour Diary U.S.A

Hello all,
We just finished our first North America tour with Windish Agency and our new agent Carter Adams.
One of the most important of this tour was to meet such cool promoters and our sweet PR Kathryn at Biz3.

Will tell a bit about the tour and start writing some daily reports about our tours, productions and gigs.

Our first gig was the Hard Haunted Mansion Fest with a massive line up and a bunch of friends around. HardHauntedPhotos here. Our favourite Halloween costume was from A Trak, it was  minimalist and fun, all he had was a duck nose. Amazing. We where lazy on carrying our photo camera so unfortunately we don't have any pics. Hard was lots of fun but hard to get drinks. We got 2 drink tickets for Mixhell and when Iggor ordered a vodka cranberry the bar woman said: vodka + cranberry = 2 drinks! funny!

Next place we went to was San Francisco. Funny as we where trying to contact our friends Billy and Mike from FNM and they where in South America. What a coincidence. Fun party at Poleng. Got to meet two very nice local acts: Apache and Cleo and Nisus.

Chicago was fun too. Crazy for a Monday night. With a super help from Kat we got to put drums inside The Debonair club, it was a mission to do it but at the end it was good for all. We spent 3 days in town and had the cance to meet our new friends Hollis and Angus, amazing kids! Had the best meal of the tour with Kat and JR at Kumas Corner. Food overdose! And after drink at Danny's Bar, where a local DJ dropped "Wax the Van" by Lola and I couldn't take this amazing track out of my head! So great to be in Chicago!

From Chicago we departed with a mission: get in Canada with one working visa and one italian passport. We where so scared to go through that immigration but we made it! And went straight to our cousin, Lilly's house in Toronto. Before we arrive, Graham, from Thunderheist was already there. Ha! Can't believe we go all over the world, meet a lot of people and it ends up that our friend is our cousin's neighbour. Crazy! Had dinner at the Drake Hotel with Graham and lovely Jubilee. We played a gig with Modeselektor  and I have to say it was one of the funniest gigs we've been in a while. Surprisely Alex, Boys Noize was there to have a drink with us. At the end of the night we went for Poutine! More food! Good!

Quebec City was snowing!!! But a great promoter, Andrei who took care of us very very well! Lovely times and Poutine overdose!

Montreal was another place to meet friends. Florian, Zombie Nation and Thomas Von Party where there to have dinner with Alex from High Food. We missed Tiga but he had a good reason, had to take care of the kids.  Amazing dinner with a cool gig afterwards. No words on how amazing Alex is and all the promoter work he does in Montreal. Alex, we want to come back!

Montreal to Miami - thermal shock! So good to be back on the hot weather. These kids in Miami throw amazing parties at The White Room. Have you ever been there? Nice! Nice! Nice! Though on the middle of our set, the mixer went off, we had a blast and peeps had fun.

Fun Fun Fun in Austin made us meet our sweet friends from Buraka Som Sistema before they head to a special surprise party we are doing together in SAO PAULO!!! Also got to see Mr Richard Henry which always take good care of us. We love The Beauty Bar and thanks Graham for inviting us for the after party!

New York was next and unfortunately the vibe of our new yorker friends where not that good due to the incident with Jerry Fuchs. We didn't know him personally, but we are very sorry for such a lost on NY music scene. So this time we didn't catch up with James, Pat and Nancy. But Adam Shore and his lovely Kendel took very good care of us. Had dinner with Vito Roccoforte and spend an amazing time with him before performing at Le Poisson Rouge, after the crazy DJ set of Prefuse 73. We kept the party going after them and then headed to the Scion VIP Event at Plan B to check out our friends Michael Cohn, Franki Chan and other for a good bye US drink.

16 hours flight brought us to Hong Kong!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Mixhell Remix for HUORATRON

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Mixhell Merch! Buy it Here!


Boris - Buzz In Mixhell Remix

Title: Boris 'Buzz In' (Scion A/V)
Artist: Boris
Label: Scion A/V
Release Date: 05 Oct 2009

Scion A/V do not hold back on the entertainment front! They constantly deliver quality remix packages from artists the world over, from every genre! Undoubtedly we’re very glad to welcome them back to Your Army shores with this fantastic release from Japanese metal trio band Boris. To top it off you’re treated to the trademark Scion A/ V remix treatment that your floors have all come to love …

Coming in at 132 BPM, the legendary Todd Edwards provides a master class… a simple but thumping drum pattern, cleverly auto-tuned and chopped vocal and synths, and a catchy melody make this one an easy choice for your floors to love. Check the dubby, octave jumping synth bassline for instantaneous positive vibrations. Mixhell's Hypnotic 4 on the floor dance remix is underpinned by a rising and falling arpeggiated squelch and driven by a monster kick drum. Somewhat reminiscent of a more industrial version tune from the late 90s it is at the same time extremely dubbed out and focused. Optimo opens with a funky hand percussion loop under which echoed out reverse guitar and synth arpeggios creep in, which slowly grows into a gorgeous, lush symphony of synths and drums. Clocking in at just under 10 minutes, the song never loses direction or feels static… beautifully arranged builds all the way through. Los Angeles' Nosaj Thing delivers the only hip hop tempo take on the tune clocking in at 96 BPM, under a simple, understated boom-bap drum pattern, dark synth organs and a minimal sawtooth bassline fade in and out while the haunting vocal works it magic…. spooky but funky.

Boris, formed in 1992, have released 17 studio albums and several handful of EPs and collaborations in styles ranging from drone, sludge, and doom metal, to psychedelic and noise rock. Always exploring new territory, Boris sound as modern and heavy as ever today, consistently pushing boundaries and redefining their sound. It’s great to see a metal band bond with dance music… quite clearly another fantastic feat orchestrated by Scion A/V. For more exclusive music and content visit the Scion A/V website …

1. Buzz In - Todd Edwards Remix

2. Buzz In - Mixhell Remix

3. Buzz In - Optimo Remix

4. Buzz In - Nosaj Thing Remix

5. Buzz In

Live with 2many DJS Galsgow

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Mixhell at Belsonic Live

Last European Tour Dates

As most off you know, we've been a lot in Europe in 2009. So before,  we stop touring around here, we still have some dates left.
Here they are, hope you enjoy it!

Sep 11th - NME, Paris// avec Housse de Racket, Vicarious Bliss, and more
Sep 12th - Petrol, Antwerp
Sep 17th - UCD, Dublin
Sep 18th - Remix at Matter, London// with Zombie Nation, Herve and More
Sep 19th - Death Disco, Glasgow

After that will spend a while at home, North America and Asia, back in Europe specially for Soulwax-mas

Vote Mixhell for VMB!