Monday, November 16, 2009

Night in Hong Kong

In the afternoon we met lovely Andy, from Berlin, who took care of us all day. We went to more crazy street markets with all "made in China" things you can imagine. Tammy Hilfiger, Caivin Kein and Abidas are some of the brands I can recall. Next, we headed to Temple Street to have the tipical chinese street food. I have to admit, that, after all the meat we saw in the morning, our appetite wasn't the best. But apparently, the chinese street food is the most tipical and tasty food around, so we went for it. With Andy, his friend James from San Francisco and Ana Paula, a brazilian model who lives here, we adventured ourselves into this crazy food experience. Check out the toilet napkins they had. I loved the experience but as usual, Iggor didn't enjoy as much.

After that our lovely friends took us to The Peak where we could check the amazing view of the Island. Hong Kong is so nice! A bit like Sao Paulo meets Tokyo. We loved the city.