Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Black as evil by Mixhell (caballo remix)

Black as evil by mixhell (caballo remix) by caballo

+ pics from "Secreto"

Wassup y'all....
 Here's a few more pics from the amazing night we had at our favourite spot in Sao Paulo.
Check the rest of the pics from Leo Cavalinni here

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Mixhell at Bar Secreto Sao Paulo

Always amazing to be back home, to see our friends, to join Bar Secreto's crew for one more amazing night. Check it out:

WOW! And our dear friends who joined us on the cool line up, Roots Rock Revolution, Killer on the Dance Floor and Sany Pitbull

Friday, March 26, 2010


Alain Macklovitch is half of Duck Sauce, Chromeo ´s Dave Macklovitch brother and recently joined Travis Barker for a drum and dj project. 

1. What are you thinking of right now? 
2. Where do you live and who lives with you? 
I live in Brooklyn, NYC with my horse Mustard.
3. Which are your favorite words? 
"Toodaloo" and "fiddlesticks".
4. Which sin most tempts you? 
5. What is the worst thing some one can do to you? 
Serve me orange juice with ice cubes.
6. Your favorite track of the moment? 
The new Duck Sauce!
7. Tell us something you've done and we don't know about? 
I studied physics in university.
8. Who is the best dressed DJ in your opinion? 
Biz Markie 
9. What is your favorite bad word or blasphemy? 
10. What is your favorite dish? 
Eggs benedict 
11. What are you doing tomorrow? 
Going to Miami for WMC ! 
Portuguese version at Surface to Air Brasil available monday...
* Atrak was interviewed on March 23rd.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Moby Album Mashup Mixes For Download

Wait For Me. Remixes! Mashup 3 by thelittleidiot

Noize Magazine From Porto Alegre, Brazil

I wish all our DJ friends had the chance to play in Porto Alegre at Beco 203.

Moby Mixhell...

About Moby Release in Portuguese...

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Love this Pic!

We look 10 years younger! 

Tuesday, March 23, 2010


Francesco Barbaglia is Phra, half of Crookers

1. What are you thinking of right now?

I'm thinking about switching my italian brain into my english brain to reply some cool questions with my laptop.
2. Where do you live and who lives with you?
I live up in the mountains in Italy, near Swiss boarder...With my girl Elena and my dog SPinacio that everyone calls Spino.
3. Which is your favorite word?
"Putrella" or "gorgonzola".
4. Which sin most attempts you?
IRA that I think is anger.
5. What is the worst thing some one can do to you?
Lie to be my friend to obtain something.
6. Your favorite track of the moment?
Il balletto di bronzo "Ma ti aspetterò"

7. Tell us something you've done and we don't know about?
I used to ride my grandfhater's dog as a horse around my garden when i was really young.
8. Who is the best dressed DJ in your opinion?
Deadalus (maybe not a proper DJ, but still looks GREAT)
9. What is your favorite bad word or blasphemy?
"Dio scalzo nel regno dei chiodi."
10. What is your favorite dish?
Naturally is real simple pizza or pasta al sugo.
11. What are you doing tomorrow?
Tomorrow gotta go to police station to take my new passport, pack my bag and go to Miami... And I won't able to do it in a random different order.
Interview in portuguese at Surface to Air Brasil 

Monday, March 22, 2010

Moby "Isolate" Mixhell Remix

Finally you all can hear our remix for the "Moby Wait for me remixes"
Isolate (Mixhell Remix)  by  thelittleidiot

To pre order the cd click here

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Rome Rocks! Rome Rules!

As most of you know, our last gig in Munich at Ester Liga was curiosily cancelled. So we party a lot with some crazy romans at Goa Club.
We had lots of fun! Ammaaaaazing!
Here some videos and pics of the party!

Here, Lazy Ants did a very cool set and shaked the dance floor!
Iggor on drums...

Part of our new roman family, Claudiano and Filipo
And the crazy and 

banging crowd!

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Edward Grinch and Iggor Cavalera

Nice video on the meeting in between The Bloody Beetroots and Mixhell...

Friday, March 19, 2010

Killer on The Dance Floor "Boom Da" Remix!!!

Our dear friends from brasilian trio Killer on The Dance Floor did this amazing remix for Boom Da!
We miss Brasil...
We miss Brasil!
This is a Mixhell gift for all of you! Enjoy!
MIXHELL (feat. Oh Snap! & Jenny L.) - Boom da (Killer On The Dancefloor Remix)  by  mixh3ll


Lovely times in Manchester!
How will the weather be?

The Bloody Beetroots Death Crew 77

Last night we had the pleasure to play along with our dear friends The Bloodybeetroots that has now begin a new moment with their full live set as a band.
Tommy and Bobby have now a new drummer, Edward joining them. The live set is really interesting and full of surprising moments when they switch in between styles as the set goes on. An epic trip that goes from rock to dance music with its very peculiar "classic" moments.
Iggor joined them for the drum solo as a forth Beetroot with the mask...

Here some pics by Laima. For more info on The BBRoots access Death Crew 77.

Mixhell live at Goa Club in Rome!!!

Pictures from Partyharders night in Belgium

Hey y'all....
Here is some really cool pics from tha crazy "partyharders" night we had with Colonel and the crew!
You can check all the pictures here!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Interview with Crookers and Mixhell

This lovely couple from France interviewed us and Crookers... Take a look:

We Love Animals!

Crookers in Milan...
When you listen to a kids voice saying "Crookers Coco" at I love animals, it's our little Antonio giving a shout out to the italian friends!

More from Galway...

Lovely Irish crowd!!!

Galway and The Bloody Beetroots

What a cute cool town! Check a pic of the airport, this is check in area for all flights...

and then we soundchecked with the ciccios Bloody Beetroots to share the drums...
and one more of Iggor Beetroot!

Must Have Tracks: Erol + Alex

Lemonade and Avalanche are amazing!
You get them here

Following last summer’s double header of 'Waves' and 'Death Suite', London's Erol Alkan and Berlin's Boys Noize come together once again with two more exercises in modern electronica. ‘Avalanche' is the deeper track of the forthcoming double A single, a seductively bleeping mission to the heart of the rave, while 'Lemonade' is the noisier twin, a fizzing explosion in a sine wave factory. 

Belfast with Erol Alkan

Last night crazy touring for St Patricks eve, Mixhell went from Derry where we played with The Japanese Pop Stars, their home town and then we rushed to Belfast to join Riton and Erol Alkan on a lovely party from Joe and the Stiff Kitten crew.

Here is what we get! Erol...
and Iggor...

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Liege Liege Partyhard in Liege!

Check out the amazing stage the PartyHarders squat prepared for us!

Very good Boulettes and our dear friend Colonel fixing some belgian beer for HighblooBeataucue and us...

Saturday, March 13, 2010


Friday, March 12, 2010


Amazing night in Pavia! Good food, good party! Mixhell loves Italy
Pavia's streets and the covered bridge from World War I.

And Pavia raver kids