Tuesday, March 23, 2010


Francesco Barbaglia is Phra, half of Crookers

1. What are you thinking of right now?

I'm thinking about switching my italian brain into my english brain to reply some cool questions with my laptop.
2. Where do you live and who lives with you?
I live up in the mountains in Italy, near Swiss boarder...With my girl Elena and my dog SPinacio that everyone calls Spino.
3. Which is your favorite word?
"Putrella" or "gorgonzola".
4. Which sin most attempts you?
IRA that I think is anger.
5. What is the worst thing some one can do to you?
Lie to be my friend to obtain something.
6. Your favorite track of the moment?
Il balletto di bronzo "Ma ti aspetterò"

7. Tell us something you've done and we don't know about?
I used to ride my grandfhater's dog as a horse around my garden when i was really young.
8. Who is the best dressed DJ in your opinion?
Deadalus (maybe not a proper DJ, but still looks GREAT)
9. What is your favorite bad word or blasphemy?
"Dio scalzo nel regno dei chiodi."
10. What is your favorite dish?
Naturally is real simple pizza or pasta al sugo.
11. What are you doing tomorrow?
Tomorrow gotta go to police station to take my new passport, pack my bag and go to Miami... And I won't able to do it in a random different order.
Interview in portuguese at Surface to Air Brasil