Thursday, December 22, 2011

  Mixhell "MerryXmas" Mix 2011 by MIXHELLSOUNDCLOUD

A minimix we did to celebrate xmas with lots of very "unusual" xmas tunes from pure rock fury to ska to oi! to electronica and bla bla bla etc...
So take this little mix to your xmas party and freak everybody out now!!!
We hope you all had a great year. 

(be kind and leave us a xmas wish when u download this baby!...spread the mixhell gospel!)
lots of love

1- Frank Sidebottom - Oh come all ye faithfull
2- The Sonics - Dont Believe in Christmas
3- The Granville Williams Orchestra - Santa Claus is Ska-ing to Town
4- Alien Sex Fiend - Stuff the turkey
5- Judje Dred - Jingle Bells
6- The Tamlins - Last Christmas
7- The 4 Skins - Merry Christmas Everybody
8- The Gonads - White Christmas

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Diplo's radio show + Mixhell interview!

  Diplo - Sirius/XM "Blow Your Head" 12-16-2011 by diplo
Here is what happens after we spent 2 days with our long time friend "Wes aka Diplo" in Rio de Janeiro... We recorded an interview for his triumphant red bull documentary, did this radio show/interview thang with him, worked on a upcoming Mixhell/Diplo track on Nas Nuvens studios, Hang out with Bonde do Role,  Sany Pitbull, Caetano Veloso, Liminha, and even had time to get Laima to do her jail style tattoos on him and  Kris (Major Lazer's tour manager).
Thats what we call a "Rio on blast"!!!
Much love... Muito amor

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

  Mixhell "Dark side of Acid" Mix by MIXHELLSOUNDCLOUD

Download now this Mixhell  dark side of acid mix.
Artwork by Iggor
Hope u all enjoy it!...
Mixhell 2011

Friday, December 9, 2011

UMF Brazil by Ruda Cabral

So lovely to spend some good time with dear friends! Thanks UMF!
Fotos by Ruda Cabral and Gokula Stoffel

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Mixhell presents "My definition of Hard" volume 8 with Andrew Kline

This time we bring you the king of california straight edge scene and maybe the only survivor out there from the scene!!!
Strife's guitar player Andrew Kline aka Drew Tradition.
One of my best friends for almost 20 years and an amazing guitar player, producer, beatmaker and drum tech...(damn,this guy knows everything!!!)
Keep an eye for his new project with Soul Assassin master "Dj Muggs".

DrewTradition's quote:

"There is an art to the intro... They need to be powerful enough to get the crowd moving, but short enough that people dont get bored listening to an instrumental... The Intro can be a very powerful element, and this collection of intros has all the parts that make you want to air drum to and play air guitar along to... These are some of my favorite intros from some of the best hardcore and metal bands around... "

Drewtradition - Terror Intro
Sick of it All - Clobberin' Time
Cro Mags - We Gotta Know
Leeway - Rise & Fall
Warzone - Intro bust (Grudge Edit)
Piece By Piece - Intro
One Life Crew - Murdario Stomp
Integrity - Vocal Test
S.O.D. - March of The S.O.D.
Sepultura - Territory
Bio-hazzard - Punishment
Slayer - Raining Blood
Metallica - Master of Puppets

Here is a link to the amazing  Carry on Tradition record  featuring B-Real, Ras Kass, Apathy, Chace Infinite, Freddie Gibbs, Planet Asia, Sick Jacken, and more!

for more on Andrew Kline:

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Morbid Angel - Mixhell Remix

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Monday, November 14, 2011

The Whip Remix

Badman Shark!!!

  Diamond Cut presents: If You're Not Now, You Never Were by Badman Shark

This second installment of Hardcore mixtapes comes courtesy of Acacia Strain's, Vincent Bennet's brain child, Straight Edge streetwear brand Diamond Cut. The mix is a 44minute spin kick to the head depicting late 90's early 2000's hardcore and its rise in metal brutality from Earth Crisis and Indecision to Zao and Dillinger Escape Plan.
The mix was created to celebrate the collaboration t-shirt between the two straight edge power houses fusing their common musical roots and lifestyle beliefs with the Badman's love for Heavy Bass music of all genres proving that you can have good clean fun in any situation. If you never lost your hardcore, direct yourself to All In Merch, buy this limited edition tee and don't forget to PRAY FOR BASS!
Zombie Prescription - Snapcase
Firestorm - Earth Crisis
Hallowed Be Thy Name - Indecision
Protoculture (Sankofa) - Cipher
Reflection Of Anguish On A Face So Innocent - From Autumn To Ashes
Life At The Bottom - Endicott
Epicure - Harvest
For The World - Shai Hulud
Artists Rendering of Me - Poison The Well
5 Year Winter - Zao
Jonestown - The Acacia Strain
43% Burnt - The Dillinger Escape Plan
This mixtape is dedicated to the memory of my brother and mentor Daniel Bobis. Without him i would not be the person i am now. You will forever live within our hearts.
Wealth is weighed in spirit.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Mixhell presents "My definition of Hard" volume 7 with Arthur Rizk

We are very proud to present volume 7 of our Hard series...
This time we bring you Arthur Rizk, musician and producer from america, he plays in War Hungry, Endless Humiliation and Terrorism. He is owner of Solomons Gate Studios and worships all things ugly.
 I got to meet him on the Cavalera Conspiracy tour thru our mutual friend Andrew Kline (Strife, Tradition) and we exchanged lots of musical ideas and i asked him to do a mix for our blog and he gave us 2 brutal pieces of noize. (Closet Anguish 1 & 2)
  Mixhell presents "My definition of Hard volume 7" with Arthur Rizk pt.1 by MIXHELLBLOG

Part 1.

0:00 - 2:41
Kym Amps - You Don't Know My Name

2:42 - 6:05 
Ruth - Polaroid/Roman/Photo

6:06 - 11:35
Brainbombs - Die You Fuck

11:36 - 15:37
Deux - Paris Orly

15:38 - 17:46
Entombed - Wolverine Blues

17:47 - 20:05
Entertainment - Consumer

20:06 - 26:07
Aphex Twin - Windowlicker

26:08 - 30:01
Diapsiquir - Incubation
  Mixhell presents "My definition of Hard volume 7" with Arthur Rizk pt.2 by MIXHELLBLOG
Part 2. 

0:00 - 3:18
Glass Candy - Rolling Down The Hills

3:19 - 6:34
KAS Product - Never Come Back

6:35 - 10:44
Absolute Body Control - Sorrow

10:45 - 13:51
Obituary - Don't Care

13:52 - 17:02
Wolf Eyes - Stabbed In The Face

17:03 - 21:14
Suicide - Rocket USA

21:15 - 24:33
Arnaud Rebotini - Extreme Condition Demand Extreme Response

24:34 - 30:01
Methadrone - Sterility

The Japanese Popstars Mix

1. The Japanese Popstars 'Let Go' Boot leg
2. Mixhell 'Intergalactic' Beatauque Boot leg
3. Dino Lenny Taz 'Higher' Instrumental
4. Tai D.I.M 'Ion'
5. Felix Cartel 'The Joker' John Dahlback Remix
6. Santiago and Bushido 'Mothra'
7. Maxime Dangles 'Astroneff'
8. Adam Beyer 'Paranoize'
9. Loco And Jam 'Unknown'
10. Loops Of Fury 'Rack Em'
11. Sharooz 'Hysteriesis' TWR72 remix
12. Shinichi Osawa And Paul Chambers 'Fuzz Box'
13. The Japanese Popstars 'Face Melter'
14. The Japanese Popstars 'Falcon Punch'
15. TWR72 'Awake'
16. Maxime Dangles 'Good Job'
17. Menace and Tracid 'Buchla 200e' Original
18. Wild Beasts 'End Come Too Soon'

Friday, October 14, 2011

ENCHUFADHELLMIX from disco to guetto!

E-Radio#24 - MIXHELL by enchufada

1- Intro ‘AmeriKKKan Redneck’
2 – Dr. Gonzo – Dushi
3- Max Essa – Uptown Vibration
4- Aeroplane – My enemy (Green Velvet Remix)
5- Mumbai Science – Lotus
6- Gesaffelstein – Aufstand
7- Homework ft. Moodymann – I’m Into This (Andre Crom & Martin Dawson remix)
8- Dangerous Dan – Hit it
9- TWR72- Impulse
10- Spank Rock – Energy (Jan Driver Remix)
11- Sany Pitbull & Ze Brown – Essa e pra dancar
12- Jan Driver – Tin Tin
13- Harvard Bass & Bart Bmore – Listen to this ( Chernobyl Baile country edit)
14- Boy 8 bit – Fire Extinguisher
15- Handsome Furs – When i get back (Mixhell Remix)
16- Motorhead – Ace of spades (Pozorek Remix)

Sunday, October 9, 2011


Lovely times with our friends from Portugal... Buraka Som Sistema!

Thursday, October 6, 2011

The Whip Mix

  The Whip: Mixtape by Southern Fried Records

Amazing mix by our Manchester friends The Whip... be prepared for a remix we did for the jaw dropping tune "Secret Weapon"

No Regular Play: Owe me (Nicolas Jaar Remix)
Joe Goddard ft. Valentina: Gabriel
Stopmakingme: Smint (In Flagranti Remix)
Puzique: Don't go
Shadow Dancer: Silver
Arveene and Misk: Do you like disco?
Mixhell: Antigalactic (Mumbai Science Remix)
Hey Today!: Minor
Le Le: Disco Monster (Azari & III Remix)
Para One: Nevrosis
Sovnger: Breathless (Alex Gopher Remix)

The new album Wired Together:

Monday, September 19, 2011

Sunday, September 18, 2011


This week the air seem thicker, hard to breathe. We all lost a big friend, the world lost an amazing talent. We all have an angel up there now.
2manydjs and their amazing homage to Mehdi, no words!

Friday, September 16, 2011

KOKO London

Sunday, August 28, 2011

"My definition of Hard vol.6" with 'Deathface'

We first met Johnny in a festival somewhere in France when he still was with his old band Guns n Bombs, since then we have been crossing our paths all over the globe and i have been noticing that his music is getting darker and darker, so i had to call him up to be part of this musical madness project called "My definition of Hard".
He delivers a brutal mix... that made us suppa proud!!!
Make sure u grab his latest stuff on Trouble and Bass records.
Iggor and Laima

Download mix here

Whitehouse - wriggle like a fucking eel
Nile - cast down the heretic
Mastodon - hail to fire
Delta 9 - welcome to hell
Doormouse - skelechiars (venetian snares remix)
Brujeria - brujerizmo
Ministry - thieves
At the gates - blinded by fear
Whitechapel - the somatic defilement
Myrkskog - syndrome 9
Deathface - fall of man
Burzum - sverddans
Darkthrone - transylvanian hunger
Marilyn Manson - abuse part 1 (there is pain involved)
Named “Artist To Watch 2011” by Beatportal, Deathface (AKA Johnny Love
and vocalist Adri Law) comes at you hard with the release of “Fall Of
Man EP.” This six-track EP is inspired by Midwest hardcore of the
90’s, Magic the Gathering, woodland bonfire parties and white trash
drug debauchery, and musically Atari Teenage Riot and Aleister
Crowley. It’s the soundtrack to The Omen’s Damien Thorn and The
Exorcist’s Regan MacNeil dropping 2C-B at Anton LaVey’s first rave.
Scary, right?

Now for some history…Johnny Love is one of the most provocative
figures in dance music. A native of Southside Chicago, Johnny rose to
infamy in his hometown in the early 2000’s throwing a series of events
at The Jerkstore that shunned predictable-dance-rock for eclectic and
loose cuts from minimal techno to French touch house. The parties got
so wild that Love was imprisoned by the Chicago police on more than
one occasion.

With things too hot in Chicago, Johnny moved to Los Angeles and formed
hard-hitting electro-house duo Guns N’ Bombs who were quickly offered
a contract by Kitsuné founder Gildas Loaec. After a vast amount of
critical acclaim and the making of many friends, enemies and frenemies
Guns N’ Bombs disbanded in 2009, and Johnny decamped to a hideaway in
Charlotte, NC to craft Deathface’s swift and deadly takeover and work
on various collaborations, including an amazing t-shirt through Mishka
designed by Seattle’s death-rock-obsessed streetwear giants Actual


Friday, August 26, 2011

Africa is the future!!!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

My definition of hard Volume 5 "Dwid Hellion"

Hello y'all....
This time we have the immense pleasure to bring you the volume 5 of our mix series with one of our favourite artists today.
His name is Dwid Hellion and he is a Gent based musician, producer, composer, video maker , merch king!
I met him in Cleveland, Ohio with Derrick Green during a Sepultura tour back in the days when he was still living in America and i was a huge fan of his band "Integrity".
Then we crossed our paths again in a toy store in Gent, Belgium and since then we've been exchanging lots of musical ideas and i hope to do a musical collaboration with him soon.
This is 44:37 minutes of "MIXHELLION"
I hope you guys enjoy this as much as i do!!!
Iggor Cavalera

  Mixhell presents "My definition of Hard Volume 5 with Dwid Hellion " by MIXHELLSOUNDCLOUD

Tracklist with comments:

in 1997 i produced this track for my friend Boyd Rice. This song appears on Boyds NON album, "God & Beasts"

Japanese Metal Punk vs LLN french black metal as a 1960s Italian horror film soundtrack . . .

the original japanese black metal blueprint 

incredible Finnish homage to 1980s heavy metal

noisecore from japans terrorists

G.I.S.M. 'KI-1'
The eternal KINGS of Japanese Metal Punk

Thee Grand Chingon!

From my 1st full length noise album, "From Xicotepec With Love" (1997)

Dwid Hellion

If you are in France in September, u gotta check out on this!!!

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

My definition of hard Volume 4 "Drumcorps"

We are sooo proud of the exchange of musical ideas that "My definition of Hard" series is bringing, not only we all get to know a bit more about our music partners, but is pure pleasure to go deep into their darkest musical tastes.
This time we have the amazing Aaron Spectre aka Drumcorps, the first time we heard Drumcorps we wore buying records with our great friend Stephan Dewaelle (Soulwax/2manydjs) in their hometown Gent (Belgium) at the awesome vinyl shop Music Man (R.I.P.) and when we put this album with a medieval cover on, it was like "whooooaaaa" i was blown away by how great "Grist" for us it was as fresh as hearing "Godflesh" for the first time.
Since then i got in touch with Aaron and we started a collaboration for a Mixhell/Drumcorps track coming out in the future on our record.
Please enjoy this awesome mix...
is pure gold!!!
Mixhell 2011

Download the mix here
true widow - jackyl (kemado)
deafheaven - violet (deathwish)
mogwai - glasgow mega-snake (matador)
converge - dead (equal vision)
botch - c. thomas howell as the "soul man" (hydra head)
the golden palominos feat. nicole blackman - victim (restless)
deathprod - towboat (rune grammofon)
nine inch nails - leaving hope (nothing)
current value - fear (future sickness)
nails - scum will rise / scapegoat (southern lord)
trap them - reincarnation of lost lones (deathwish)
bane - speechless (equal vision)
snapcase - filter live (victory)
doomriders - heavy lies the crown (deathwish)
cave in - i luv i jah (hydra head)

"sadness -> despair -> action -> pma -> love
some roots, some future, all heart
selected and mixed for mixhellblog, best heavy blog on the planet!!
august eighth the year of our lord purgatory two thousand eleven"

Drumcorps' Aaron Spectre started off playing drums and going to all ages shows in the wasteland of suburban Massachusetts. He was fortunate to have been heavily influenced by bands like Converge, Bane, and Cave In during his formative years. As his interests shifted to electronic music, he moved to NYC, bought turntables, and started producing ambient, jungle and drum'n'bass. In 2003 he relocated to Berlin, Germany, to launch his music career. He released several vinyl 12îs, and soon found a following playing at squats and raves around Europe. Spectre founded Drumcorps to synthesize the unlikely mix of electronic music production values and the raw power of American hardcore. The result is not for everyone, but to Drumcorps' devout fans, it delivers: Drumcorps shows are notoriously high-energy, cathartic affairs.

Drumcorps' debut full-length, Grist, won an Award of Distinction at Prix Ars Electronica, a prestigious yearly prize whose past winners include Aphex Twin, Chris Cunningham, and Peter Gabriel. 2008-2009 was Spectreís widest-reaching period to date, logging over 158,000 miles of travel, with gigs on four continents, including return trips to Russia and Japan, and debuts in Mexico, Taiwan, Australia and New Zealand. Spectre spent the better part of 2010-2011 putting the finishing touches on a much-anticipated follow up to Grist, as well as resettling in the USA.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

My definition of hard Volume 3 "The Jokers of the Scene"

We are so freakin' proud to annouce our next guest on the "Definition of Hard" series.
"JOTS" The canadian masters of doom are our great friends, partners in remixes and tours gonna show you guys their darkest side on this amazing 1:48 minutes of pure golden madness.
Enjoy, download and spread the dark gospel!!!
"JOTS bloody JOTS"
Mixhell 2011

  Jokers of the Scene "Mixhell Presents My Definition of Hard Vol. 3" by Jokers of the Scene

obby Beausoleil "Lucifer Rising Part I"
Earth "Omens And Portents I: The Driver"
Jodis "Ascent"
Rema-Rema "The Feedback Song"
Jesu "Sedatives"
Alcest "Solar Song"
Merzbow "Rainbow Electronics"
Chasing Voices "Acidbathory"
Scott Walker "The Cock Fighter"
Vindicatrix "Hume"
Mayhem "Silvester Anfang"
Swans "Beautiful Child"
Winter "Oppression Freedom"
Voivod "Tribal Convictions"
Die Kruezen "In School"
Liturgy "Mysterium"
Deafheaven "Tunnel of Trees"
Tim Hecker "The Piano Drop"
Current 93 "Imperium I"
Comus "Diana"
The Staple Singers "This May Be The Last Time"

Monday, July 25, 2011

MIXHEII goes to Japan

Mixhell Tv - Japan from mix hell on Vimeo.

Hot and amazing as always, Japan seems completely recovered the earthquake! At least on the night life!
We loved to be first time in clubs and hope to come back soon! Thanks again at Air Club, the Lowbrows and Kenta Fukushima for hosting us on the best japanese way.
Much love...
I & L

Saturday, July 16, 2011

My definition of hard Volume 2 "The Capitain 666"

  Mixhell presents my Definition of Hard Vol. 2 by "The Capitain 666" by MIXHELLSOUNDCLOUD


The Dillinger Escape Plan - The Mullet Burden
Creation is Crucifixion - The Iconography of John Henry a.k.a. Eliza Was A Porgram
At The Gates - Suicide Nation
Acme - Blind
Cave In - Crossbearer
Catharsis - Every man For Himself (And God Against Him All)
Death - Spirit Crusher
Zao - Ravage Ritual
Barrit - Crossgates to Disenchantment
Cradle of Filth - Beneath The Howling Stars
Alien Crucifixion - Mankind Enslaved by Reptoids
Dimmu Borgir - Blessings Upon the Throne of Tyrany
Cradle of Filth - Funeral in Carpathia
Wolves in the Throne Room - Crystal Ammunition

Our second guest to deliver a heavy mix is Patrick Rood aka. The Capitain 666 who we know for a while... he is part of the "Trouble and Bass" crew from N.YC. (one of the coolest record labels in da globe!!!) and his mix is just fuckin brutal!!!
Something like a norwegian breeze to keep us cool during this mad summer.
enjoy u bastards!
Iggor and Laima

"After I saw Michael's Definition of Hard Mix, I of course wanted to do one as well. Producing a mix of some of my favorite hardcore/metal/black metal songs has been something I've wanted to do for a long time, so I was really happy to get a chance to do it for the Mixhell blog! This mix is comprised of an array of tunes that, (with the exception of Wolves in the Throne Room) were a big influence on me growing up in Western Massachusetts, and are still some of my favorite albums."
The Capitain 666

Patrick Rood a.k.a. The Captain, Vice President and co owner of Trouble & Bass Recordings, is a man of many talents that has been pushing and molding the Trouble & Bass artist roster and brand since his induction to the T&B Crew in 2007. When he's not globe trotting around as The Captain, he's at the T&B klubhaus juggling a thousand duties, from curating T&B Radio on Scion Radio 17, directing & producing music videos, art directing the next T&B release cover, managing the label releases, producing the next T&B events or designing the next T&B merch item. When he gets time to breathe he takes it to the club with his blend of House, Baltimore Breaks, Dubstep, Hip Hop, R&B and bass heavy music.
And let's not forget about his mean VHS collection, love for energy drinks and the biggest sweet tooth in all of Trouble & Bass.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Video by Laima

Amazing video edited by Laima on the road...just shows how much we love Oscar Niemeyer.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Mixhell presents My Definition Of Hard Vol. 1

We are very proud to present you with our new series of mixes called "My definition of hard" where we will be inviting our friends to show you their roots on heavy, hard music...
Our first guest is Michael Cohn aka. Badman Shark, a great friend who share lots of ideas with us and he is half of the project Digital Boy + Shark and he is part of one of the coolest clothing labels out there "Mishka".
Here it is....enjoy!

  Mixhell presents My Definition Of Hard Vol. 1 by DigitalBoyShark

"The story begins in 1986 when my father, driven by the dark side, presented me with an Iron Maiden tape. In the mid 90s amidst grunge, hip hop and metal and after having eaten many tapes, i discovered hardcore. This genre has lived through many generations, incarnations and influences but one thing remains the same, the spirit.

This next half hour is dedicated to the music and the movement that shaped me: this is my definition of hard."

Hardcore Still Lives! - Madball
Straight Edge Revenge - Project X
Guilty Of Being White - Minor Threat
My Life - Sick of It All
In The Mirror - Warzone
Truth and Purpose - The Hope Conspiracy
Conform - Intensity
Drain Me - Snapcase
Rather Be Dead - Refused
Reaching Higher States - Cipher
Walk Away - Turmoil
Most Precious Blood - Indecision
Love Denied - Biohazard
Gone - Disembodied

BadmanShark bio:
"An essential part of the recent decade of NYC nightlife, Michael Cohn known to most as Shark has slept very few nights in his lifetime. Moving from Italy in 2000, three years later he co-founds the legendary CUT NYC parties, hosting some of the biggest names in past and present dance music, from Moby to Diplo, Shark had his humble beginnings hyping basement parties throughout Brooklyn and Manhattan along side the Infamous Trouble & Bass crew; thanks to them he had the honor of moving crowds along side guests such as RuskoCaspa and Benga. In 2008-9 he toured across the United States with the Crookers. Along side the infamous Italian duo he shook the crowds of the Coachella and Lollapalooza festivals in 2009; during that summer he was also part of a European Mad Decent Tour  featuring Diplo, the Crookers, Boy 8 BitCongorockNic Sarno and His Majesty Andre. During the past few years he also hyped and performed with The Bloody Beetroots and Congorock with whom he recently recorded vocals for hit single, Babylon out now on Fool’s Gold Records. In 2006 he became the Director of Promotion for International lifestyle clothing brand, Мишка (Mishka) NYC, bridging the gap between music and fashion. In 2011 he teams up with Italian rave pioneer Digital Boy to create a new genre called Gangster Rave embodying all that is hard: past, present and future."