Tuesday, May 28, 2013


One of the coolest thing we did in 2013 was the Beat Lab at Lollapalooza. Kids had lots of fun jamming with Iggor Cavalera and got the chance to record a special beat with their idol.

Check it out here:


Friday, May 24, 2013

Spring starts now with one of our favourite festivals

Let's celebrate spring and Laima's 36th bday in Graz!

Since 2009 we have been at Spring Festival in Graz. In 2010 we hosted our first night at the festival and have invited great friends such as 2ManyDjs, Houratron, Toy Selecta, Wildlife, Rebotini and many others.

For 2013 we have super cool acts such as Stefano Riteri, Luca Lozano, DJ Falcon and Mr Ho.

Friends of Spring - Opening Night @ Dom im Berg, springfestival from Philipp Rudler on Vimeo

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Mixhell debuts in Europe with Brand New Live Show

Just back from amazing gigs in Europe, and we'd love to share some cool moments on stage and off stage with our fans.
For the first time we headlined The Loft room at Razzmatazz and it was one of the best shows we have ever done, can't wait to be back. 
Spain, good food, amazing parties.

In London and Liverpool we shared stage with our brazilian friends CSS. Cool review on God is in the TV. 
London felt more home then home with so many good friends around. Dave Dewale, Sasha Nixon, Fergus Purcell, Nat Self, Oliver Brown, Calvin Reid, Andrew Curley, Marina Ribatski, Louies Bobet and Stefano Ritteri where around... 
Still in London had the chance to meet amazing team at Sunday Best! So cool to have this new home in UK!

Liverpool was booked by our good friend Revo, from ClubEvol. When you are on tour there is no such thing as hanging with someone special, thanks Revo!

Paris was another sweet night with friends. Etienne de Crecy, The Subs and Mathieu Danet where all there to fully suport us at Noveau Casino.

The final gig was in Dublin, with super promoter Paul Sweeney. Ahhh we missed Dublin, how crazy they party! Thanks again Dublin!

Saturday, May 4, 2013

Mixhell //Spaces//The Way

Spaces Second Single
We are more than happy to announce the premier of our second single "the way" featuring lovely vocals from Deidre Muro and groovy bass by Tyler Pope.
Listen to it here:

and read about it on Clash
Also wait for an amazing tropical disco vibe video clip coming very soon by Ruda Cabral and Rabih Haidar.