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Anderson Noise exclusive mix for Mixhell blog

A pioneer by definition is the first one to open roads into virtually undiscovered territory.The career of DJ and producer Anderson Noise is one as pioneer of the electronic music scence in Brazil. Native of Belo Horizonte, Minas Gerais, Noise started DJ ing in a slow but steady manner as is the custom in his region of Brazil. Yet he never forget to take the necessary steps to insure total success. In 1989, during the explosion of Acid House on the club scene, Noise started playing around the local circuit in his hometown. With the professional passion for DJ ing, hes noted for saying that, the function of a DJ is to emote the audience or bring them to an emotional frenzy. Subsequently Noise started organizing and producing large scale events in which he could also DJ for as early as 1992. 

With a fervor, he opened space for the expansion of the electronic music scence in the capital city of Minas Gerais, which as the time was in an embryonic state locally speaking.

There were more than 40 party events thrown in places like mental institutions, car dealership lots, shopping centers, historic buildings, etc, etc. The Noise Family turned into an institution, as the entire family was involved in organizing and working the events. Mamma Noise, Anderson´s mother worked as hostess in the events,and Alvinho Little Noise joined in the fun burning up the dance floor spinning records along with Anderson. The first compilation disk come out in 96, "Paralisia Cerebral", when the dream of producing his own records turned into a reality in the talented hands of Anderson Noise.

In 1997 he was invited to include "Shantytown" on "Electronic Music Brazil", the first CD of 100% Brazilian DJ's& Procucers released by Sony-Mercado Mundo Mix. Without fear of expanding his horizons, Noise promoted the first trio electrico playing exclusively electronic music in 1999 during Carnabelô, the off season Mineiro Carnival that turned into a must see perfomance. Without knowing it, he would be acquiring the experience which would later prepare him for a bigger challenge playing on Daniela Mercury´s trio electrico during the Salvador Carnival of 2002, giving him huge national exposure in the media. 

On the shelves of the great DJ´s are always something besides records, that being trophy's and awards.In 97', Noise won the Best Underground DJ award for the magazine ,"DJ Sound". In the two times that "DJ Sound" ran the competition Anderson won each time. 

 Then he won the trophy for the best producer and the best DJ of techno music which was called the "Night Illustrated" award created by Erika Palomino from the newspaper ´´A Folha De São Paulo``. The faíscas trophy, an award Noise Won 3 years in a row was offered by the Minas Newspaper, "O Estado de Minas" for those artists that shook up the nightlife in Belo Horizonte and in 2003 he was runner up in the Cool Magazine Awards, Brazils most elegant electronic music magazine.The trophy was given to him in the subsequent year of 2004, as best DJ. 

Anderson has always participated in the major national/Brazilian Eletronic Music Events. His presence was felt by all in every edition of the Skol Beats Festival since it's inception, serendipitously closing the 2003 Skol Beats Festival with great fanfare.Noise also participated in the "Electronic Tent" of Rock in Rio in 2000. 

It was in this year that his second compilation CD was released called "October", with some tracks produced by his own record label ´´Noise Music. The label started up in 1999 with the intention of bringing music to the world composed and produced by Brazilians. In his own words;´´ We Brazilians always buy music by gringo artists and the gringos in turn never have any of our music``. There has already been great electronic music produced in Brazil of excellent quality waiting to be shown to the world. 

In 2001 Anderson became a DJ in residence at "Headstart Night" in the "Turmills Club" of London, integrating a select group of Brazilian DJs that were playing in the UK and Europe at the time. At the same time Noise played abroad he would share the stage with great interational DJs when they would tour Brazil. The must notable of them who was impressed by the mineiro DJ was Carl Cox, considered the greatest DJ on the planet. Carl Cox was impressed by Noise's force of playing the first time Cox toured Brazil. "Anderson is very talented. He played with me sometime before, sometimes after. He also has his own label, Noise Music. They´re good records, too good to ignore. In the 2001 issue of DJ Magazine, "2001 Top 100", Cox classified Anderson as the future "DJ Hero'.

His third CD compilation came out in 2002, greatly pleasing his Brazilian fan base, "Noise Music Compilation 100% Mix, Anderson Noise". It was released by a major record company, bringing all of the best Noise Music tracks into the form of an awesome set list compilation. It was well received in Brazil as well as in Europe , calling the attention of Trevor Rockcliffe, the owner of Mentor Records, a very well respected English label.After hearing the material, Rockcliffe wanted to release "Você Mesmo" on his Mentor Label. In 2002 Anderson started up his radio show, “Radio Noise”, as one of his various weekly programs in his site.

In 2003 Anderson was invited by "DJ Magazine", the worlds most respected publication dedicated to electronic music, to produce his fourth CD, "DJ World Series, Anderson Noise". In a series of 5 records that the magazine released, where each DJ, representing a different continent would make a record representing his continent of origin, Anderson was chosen to represent Latin America. 

 From then on Noise's international career kept growing steadily.He has participated in the biggest international festivals: Homelands, Dance Valley, Creamfields, Sonar, Exit, Rock in Rio Lisboa, SAMC, Knebworth Ministry of Sound, etc. His presentations around the world have given him the opportunity to play in various countries such as; Argentina, Bolivia, Canada, China, Chile, Colombia, Czech Republic, Ecuador, England, France, Germany, Holland, Ireland, Japan, Malaysia, Paraguay, Peru, Portugal, Scotland, Serbia and Montenegro, South Korea, Spain, Switzerland, Taiwan, Thailand, United Arab Emirates, United States, Uruguay and Venezuela.  Noises CD´s, records, and DVD's have been released by international labels such as AFULAB, Áudio, Circle Music, Desaper Here, Eukatech, Harthouse, Jericho, Lo Kik, Mentor, Missile, Molecular, Pild, Primate, Really Really Big Records, Sleaze, Spectrum & Teggno and are being played throughout the world. 

In 2005 Noise created TV Noise together with “Toro Productions”, including weekly programs from the DJ’s perspective showing clubs, parties, and festivals in Brazil and all over the world. After having played in Tokyo, Anderson entered into a partnership with “Womb”, considered the second best club in the world by MIXMAG for presenting annual tours in Brazil and Japan.

Noises fifth CD is an innovative one for the Brazilian public called, "Anderson Noise Live @ Skol Beats 04". It is the first electronic music CD recorded live by a Brazilian DJ during his gig at the Skol Beats Festival which is the biggest electronic music festival of it´s kind in Latin America. In Anderson´s never tiring mode, he released shortly afterwards the first DVD from a Brazilian DJ, "Brazilian Love Affair", that accompanies Anderson´s club/gig- circuit in many different states/regions of Brazil in which he is resident DJ. As far as Noise is concerned, there exists no limits that can't be surpassed.

In 2006 Anderson Noise for the second time closed Skol Beats, the principal electronic music festival of Latin America with great acclaim.  This year he was ranked in the top 100 DJ’s,coming in at 79th place by DJ MAG. Currently. 

In 2007 Anderson Noise returned by putting the Brazilian name in the top 100 most popular DJ's of the world ranking by DJ Mag. This time he ranked in at 54.He also had his composition "Homem-Cachorro" played in the movie soundtrack of the film "O Passado", by the renowned Brazilian director Hector Babenco.

In 2008 the DJ released 9 EP's and was invited by the Spanish club,"La Terrazza", to compile his own annual CD that involved the German label "Circle Music".Noise returned to the Top 100 DJ's of DJ MAG again this time coming in at 26,being the only Brazilian DJ to place in the top 100 3 years in a row and that scored the best rankings until today.

In the first week of 2009 Anderson Noise released his second DVD,The"Connection 1969",the first documentary about a Brazilian DJ. He put this together with his 7th CD compilation,"NOISE CONNECTION", that entails his own productions, remixes,and unreleased mixes. In this same year Noise's DVD was shown at the 10th edition of the FILE International Festival of Electronic Language. Anderson also was elected for first place in DJ MAG Brazil's ranking of the no.1 DJ in the country!

Still in 2009,Anderson Noise was invited by Joao Carlos Martins to participate in the project "Anderson Noise and Joao Carlos Martins in Concert", with The Bachiana Philharmonic Orchestra.This resulted in an emotionally charged concert uniting electronic music and classical music in Sala Sao Paulo.

Anderson Noise is currently the resident DJ of Clash Club (São Paulo), Deputamadre (Belo Horizonte) and D-Edge (São Paulo).

This is surely a great virtue for those who are of a creative and pioneering nature. 

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Exclusive "Techno Overdose" mix by dj Snoop

To celebrate our night at Secreto, we have the pleasure to present you with this supa mix from one of the coolest oldschool techno djs from Sao Paulo, Dj Snoop is one of the pioneers of the techno scene in Brazil & one of our favouvorite dj...ever!!!
check this amazing mix/set he did only for us/you!

Danilo Vigorito - Dark Star 
Tony Dee - The King
Victor Vera - Ibuprofen 
Ronan Portela & Darkrow - Basement (Sabbs Supreme Mix)
Steve Mulder - Avenger
Bodyscrub - Kalendula
Roberto Capuano - Antares 
Axel Karakasis - WaterWorks 
Ryuji Takeuchi - Recall 
KernelKey - Kyoto Protocol 
Alex TB - Super Beats 
Tom Hades - Dance All Over Me 
Veztax - Lighter (Aka Carl Mix )
Angy Kore - Aktivate (Axel Karakasis Mix )
Spektre & Subfractal - Prosthetic Conscience

check him out at

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Luv - Mixhell feat. Andrew Howe

 Mixhell, gave birth to an original collaboration with the Italian Track&Field champion, Andrew Howe.
Andrew's biggest passion after athletics is drumming.
The track was produced in two days in a studio before the stunning performance that this unusual combo gave at Elita Music Festival in Milan during the 2012 Design Week.
Thanxs to everyone at Nike Italia & Andrew Howe for the amazing time in Milano.
#MakeItCount #Nike
Release date: May 31, 2012 

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Mixhell's SpringFestival mix 2012

This is a very special mix we did for the stage we hosted at Spring Festival in Graz, Austria.
The music is from our friends who joined us on stage and some extra tunes!!!
Thanx to:
SpringFestival, Blackstrobe, Huoratron, Paul Chambers, Mr.No, and everyone who came out and dance with us...

Monday, April 16, 2012

Mixhell presents: "My definition of Hard" volume 14 with "Max Blum"

Hello brothers and sisters,
Volume 14 of our "Hard" mixes brings to you the third member in Mixhell.
The multi talented Max Blum.
Music producer, synth collector, horror movie freak and a very best friend.
We've been working with Max since the early days of Mixhell, but after a few years we decided to go our own paths to focus on our projects.
Not too long ago we met again and started to work to reinvent Mixhell with a new album, live show and to bring the band to a next level, together, as a trio.
As a live band Max will play bass, Laima will do the synths and Iggor will play the drums.
We are very happy to have Max back on this amazing new chalenge and to celebrate this we will give you a little taste of his amazing music background...
so sit back "dont" relax & enjoy this music journey!
Mixhell 2012

1. Fabio Frizzi - Apoteosi del misterio
2. Offshore - Pacer
3. Alan1 - Slow congo
4. Discodeine - Homo compatible
5. Gr†ll Gr†ll - Utta
6. Javelin - by hook or by crook
7. Whomadewho - Nothing has changed
8. Zomby - Mozaik
9. The Barking Dogs - Linked in (altz darty dub)
10. Zammuto - Yay
11. War - 5 de maio
12. Sloth feat. Jensen -Iinterceptor
13. Earth, Wind & Fire - Boogie wonderland
14. Daipak & Padged - Fluffy cloud
15. Modek - Flip flop (mendoza remix)
16. Beardyman - Where does your mind go (doorly remix)
17. Roska & Jamie George - love 2 nite
18. Waifs and Strays - Back down
19. Suuns - Piu IX
20. Biosphere - Monju
21. Cant - Too late too far
22. Woolkid - Iron (gucci vamp remix)
23. Nitzer Ebb - Control
24. Was (Not Was) - Out come the freaks
25. Run DMC - Tricky
26. Helmet - Unsung
27. Chuck Stevens - Gettin' down the soul train
28. Music Go Music - light of love
29. Canyons - Under a blue sky
30. DVA - Polyphonic dreams
31. Lukas - Space junkie race
32. Unknown - Porno music from the 70's
33. Greg Paulus - What's mine is yours
34. Punks Jump Up - Get down (deadstock 33 dub)
35. Simpson - Till u were dead
36. Ghost - Genesis!/maxxxblum

Friday, March 16, 2012

Mixhell presents: "My definition of Hard" volume 13 with "Moon 149 BMS"

MOON_BMS_149 is Sascha Bachmann from Germany, he sent us his definition of hard and we decided to post for your ear pleasure!

01. Jan Driver
02. Cannibal Corpse
03. Player
04. Bruza
05. GG Allin
06. Jan Driver / Joey Beltram
07. Hard Core Connection/ Dan Kubinski
08. Beastie Boys
09. Gorilla Biscuits
10. AFX
11. Isotope 217
12. Suicidal Tendencies
13. Hard Core Connenction/ Roger Miret
14. Sirius Mo - Desiderata
15. Siouxsie and the Banshees
16. MOON - SKY
17. Nekromantics
18. Terranova
19. Mr Oizo

Monday, March 5, 2012

Mixhell presents: "My definition of Hard" volume 12 with "Vicarious Bliss"

HARD is when you're 13 in small town England & the only stuff on the radio
is cack. 

HARD is when your mum won't let you go see Sisters Of Mercy because it's 'over 18s only'.
HARD is trying to dress like Simon Gallup as a gangly red-head. 

HARD is trying to find that one weird
girl in town who wears black.
HARD is finding out she already has a boyfriend who looks more like Simon
Gallup than you do. 

HARD is trying to convince your parents that New Order aren't nazis. 
HARD is going to a new school to find that no one's ever heard of Ian Curtis. 
HARD is losing your shoes in the rain at Glastonbury after your first real kiss. 
HARD is going to college to again find no one's heard of Ian Curtis. 
HARD is fighting in the pub defending the point that you CAN like both The Fall AND Mel & Kim. 
HARD is learning that Siouxsie is getting married. 
HARD is having the shit kicked out of you on the bus because of eye-liner. 
HARD is finally getting that little black haired girl who then leaves you 'cos she
prefers chicks. 
HARD is realizing that, really, you're pretty well just 'out there' on your own. 
And when you realize that, I guess the HARD
turns to CALM...

When Iggor & Laima asked me to do 'My Definition Of Hard', well it was a
no-brainer really. Rather than
digging out all things noisy, I've taken the opportunity to put together a
selection (sorry BPM fans, it's
not really straight mix territory at all!) of some of the tunes that made
my adolescence just that bit less
HARD. It's been a joy to listen to them (and others - there are so many) at
full whack in the studio again.
I'm glad to say that I haven't grown up at all and it's songs like these
that just won't let me. I'm eternally
grateful for that. As Robert Smith starts to weep buckets as he goes into
the ad-lib on 'Faith' at this
summer's festivals, I shall be doing the same. Right down the front… 

VB xxx

Tracklist :
BAUHAUS - 'Dark Entries' (4AD version)
JOHN COOPER CLARKE - 'Evidently Chicken Town'
BIRTHDAY PARTY - 'Big Jesus Trash Can'
THE CULT - 'Love Removal Machine'
JOHN COOPER CLARKE - 'Beasley Street'
KILLING JOKE - 'Love Like Blood'
JESUS & MARY CHAIN - 'Side Walking' (extended)
THE CURE - 'A Short Term Effect'
THE CARDIACS - 'Is This The Life' (Peel Session)
HALF MAN HALF BISCUIT - 'All I Want For Xmas Is A Dukla Prague Away Kit'
ALIEN SEX FIEND - 'Ignore The Machine' (extended)
THE FALL - 'Wrong Place, Right Time'
HOUSE OF LOVE - 'I Don't Know Why I Love You'
THE CURE - 'Screw'
NEW ORDER - 'Age Of Consent'
PUBLIC IMAGE LIMITED - 'Flowers Of Romance'
PSYCHEDELIC FURS - 'All Of This & Nothing'
PREFAB SPROUT - 'When Love Breaks Down' (acoustic)

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Mixhell presents: "My definition of Hard" volume 11 with "Johnny Chow"

We are super excited about volume 11 of our "Hard" mixes.
This time we bring our great friend, Bass player, Street artist & father of the awesome Jackson... Johnny Chow aka Chow Monstro.
Enjoy his amazing mix with a nice taste for great music... this is his definition of hard!


TV On The Radio - Staring at the Sun
Hail Of Bullets - Ordered Eastward   
S.O.D. - Kill Yourself (Rehearsal Sessions 1985)
Sick Of It All - It's Clobbering Time 
Public Enemy - My Uzi Ways A Ton (The first London invasion 1987)
Youth of Today - Breakdown the Walls
Agnostic Front - Victim In Pain (live in N.Y.C 1988)
Killing Time - No More Mr. Nice Guy
Zero Tolerance - Fuel The Fire
Salem - Skullcrush 

Monday, January 30, 2012

Guetto as Hell!!!

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Mixhell presents "My definition of Hard" volume 10 with "Laima Leyton"

Gorillaz "The Speak it Mountains"
Jane's Addiction "Ocean Size"
Depeche Mode "See You"
Smashing Pumpkins "Drown"
Pixies "Into the White"
Arcade Fire "Black Wave/ Bad Vibrations"

Friday, January 27, 2012

Drum gods!

Mixhell Volume 12 mix

Friday, January 20, 2012

Mixhell presents "My definition of Hard" volume 9 with "Dust La Rock"

Hello y'all....
This time we have the immense pleasure to bring you the volume 9 of our mix series with one of our favourite artists in many forms nowadays.
His name is Dust La Rock and he is a 
Brooklyn graphic artist and one of the partners at the  label "Fools Gold Records" with A-Trak & Nick Catchdubs.
Dust has designed the visual aesthetic for the label and does some amazing art shows.
Keep an eye out for his stuff!

I hope you guys enjoy this as much as we do!!!

1- Left Over Crack - Clear channel (fuck off!)
2- Ministry - Thieves
3- Prong - Snap your fingers
4- Slayer - Jesus saves
5- NON - Total war
6- Killing Joke - Asteroid
7- Burzum - Jesus Tod
8- Faith no More - Smaller and smaller
9- Inside Out - No spirit surrender
10- Pailhead - I will refuse (12inch version)
11- Butthole Surfers- Who was in my room last night
12- Fishbone - Swim
13- Nitzer Eeb - Getting closer
14 - Throbbing Gristle - Discipline (Manchester)
15- Revolting Cocks - No devotion
16- Body Count - There goes the neighborhood
17- Skatenigs - Horny for evil
18- Dust - Pull away so many times
19- Pantera - Walk
20- Romper Stomper OST- The dead nazi march

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Death from Above 1979 with Iggor

We played Ultra Music Festival last year and it was a complete blast...
Hanging with friends eating good food, mad parties and for me it was extra especial, i got to jam with one of my favourite bands, the almighty canadians "dfa1979".
The whole idea started a few months back when Jesse came to see me play in Canada with Cavalera Conspiracy.
We've been talking for years about playing together in more like a band format.
I got to hang out and meet the amazing Sebastien, and it was a true honor to jam with those dudes.
I'm really lookin forward to do more colaborations with them!
I found this little crappy video on my iphone ( thanx to our suppa tour manager Rebeca) who captured this while i was bangin on Seb's ultra light kit...The vibe was incredible and i got a little carried away.
ENJOY... Cheers!!!

Sirkus Sirkuz mix

Attaque – Moderate
Felix Cartel – The Joker (John Dahlback Mix)
Plump DJs - Gobbstopper
Bart B-More & Riubix – Ari
The Japanese Popstars – Let Go
Mixhell Vs Beataque – Antigalactic BOOTLEG
Loops Of Fury - I Need
DIM – Ion
Lord John Fonda – Bang
Mike Hulme - Sweet Inspiratrion (Loops Of Fury Mix)
Maxime Dangles – Good Job
Afrojack & R3hab - Prutataaa