Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Death from Above 1979 with Iggor

We played Ultra Music Festival last year and it was a complete blast...
Hanging with friends eating good food, mad parties and for me it was extra especial, i got to jam with one of my favourite bands, the almighty canadians "dfa1979".
The whole idea started a few months back when Jesse came to see me play in Canada with Cavalera Conspiracy.
We've been talking for years about playing together in more like a band format.
I got to hang out and meet the amazing Sebastien, and it was a true honor to jam with those dudes.
I'm really lookin forward to do more colaborations with them!
I found this little crappy video on my iphone ( thanx to our suppa tour manager Rebeca) who captured this while i was bangin on Seb's ultra light kit...The vibe was incredible and i got a little carried away.
ENJOY... Cheers!!!