Friday, November 13, 2009

Tour Diary U.S.A

Hello all,
We just finished our first North America tour with Windish Agency and our new agent Carter Adams.
One of the most important of this tour was to meet such cool promoters and our sweet PR Kathryn at Biz3.

Will tell a bit about the tour and start writing some daily reports about our tours, productions and gigs.

Our first gig was the Hard Haunted Mansion Fest with a massive line up and a bunch of friends around. HardHauntedPhotos here. Our favourite Halloween costume was from A Trak, it was  minimalist and fun, all he had was a duck nose. Amazing. We where lazy on carrying our photo camera so unfortunately we don't have any pics. Hard was lots of fun but hard to get drinks. We got 2 drink tickets for Mixhell and when Iggor ordered a vodka cranberry the bar woman said: vodka + cranberry = 2 drinks! funny!

Next place we went to was San Francisco. Funny as we where trying to contact our friends Billy and Mike from FNM and they where in South America. What a coincidence. Fun party at Poleng. Got to meet two very nice local acts: Apache and Cleo and Nisus.

Chicago was fun too. Crazy for a Monday night. With a super help from Kat we got to put drums inside The Debonair club, it was a mission to do it but at the end it was good for all. We spent 3 days in town and had the cance to meet our new friends Hollis and Angus, amazing kids! Had the best meal of the tour with Kat and JR at Kumas Corner. Food overdose! And after drink at Danny's Bar, where a local DJ dropped "Wax the Van" by Lola and I couldn't take this amazing track out of my head! So great to be in Chicago!

From Chicago we departed with a mission: get in Canada with one working visa and one italian passport. We where so scared to go through that immigration but we made it! And went straight to our cousin, Lilly's house in Toronto. Before we arrive, Graham, from Thunderheist was already there. Ha! Can't believe we go all over the world, meet a lot of people and it ends up that our friend is our cousin's neighbour. Crazy! Had dinner at the Drake Hotel with Graham and lovely Jubilee. We played a gig with Modeselektor  and I have to say it was one of the funniest gigs we've been in a while. Surprisely Alex, Boys Noize was there to have a drink with us. At the end of the night we went for Poutine! More food! Good!

Quebec City was snowing!!! But a great promoter, Andrei who took care of us very very well! Lovely times and Poutine overdose!

Montreal was another place to meet friends. Florian, Zombie Nation and Thomas Von Party where there to have dinner with Alex from High Food. We missed Tiga but he had a good reason, had to take care of the kids.  Amazing dinner with a cool gig afterwards. No words on how amazing Alex is and all the promoter work he does in Montreal. Alex, we want to come back!

Montreal to Miami - thermal shock! So good to be back on the hot weather. These kids in Miami throw amazing parties at The White Room. Have you ever been there? Nice! Nice! Nice! Though on the middle of our set, the mixer went off, we had a blast and peeps had fun.

Fun Fun Fun in Austin made us meet our sweet friends from Buraka Som Sistema before they head to a special surprise party we are doing together in SAO PAULO!!! Also got to see Mr Richard Henry which always take good care of us. We love The Beauty Bar and thanks Graham for inviting us for the after party!

New York was next and unfortunately the vibe of our new yorker friends where not that good due to the incident with Jerry Fuchs. We didn't know him personally, but we are very sorry for such a lost on NY music scene. So this time we didn't catch up with James, Pat and Nancy. But Adam Shore and his lovely Kendel took very good care of us. Had dinner with Vito Roccoforte and spend an amazing time with him before performing at Le Poisson Rouge, after the crazy DJ set of Prefuse 73. We kept the party going after them and then headed to the Scion VIP Event at Plan B to check out our friends Michael Cohn, Franki Chan and other for a good bye US drink.

16 hours flight brought us to Hong Kong!