Monday, November 30, 2009

Wildlife new release "Jumbie" is Out NOW!

"WILDLIFE! releases his new EP "JUMBIE" with remixes from Schlachthofbronx, Mixhell, Beware & Motorpitch and Edu K. Once more WILDLIFE! highlights the tropic's darker side of life with this dark, percussion driven smasher to keep caribbean ghosts busy on any given dancefloor. 

WILDLIFE! first came to public attention for his unanimously praised musical productions on Terry Lynnʼs stunning debut-album “Kingstonlogic 2.0”. The blogosphere ignited while global press tried to coin a name for what they saw as a new 'emerging genre'. They tried 'digital-dancehall', 'ghettotech' even 'jamaican-electro-punk' ...but he simply described it as "sort of like... putting a Jamaican cat in a blender feet first and turning up the bass to balance out the noise."

GET IT HERE: Jumbie on Beatport