Wednesday, August 4, 2010

11 questions to "Basa" TurboTrio


What are you thinking of right now?
Rebinboca da parafuseta!
Where do you live and who lives with you?
I live in Sao Paulo with 20 milions of mad people.
Which is your favorite word?

Which sin most attempts you?
Of not commiting any sin.

What is the worst thing some one can do to you?Kill me.
Your favorite track of the moment?
Those Dancing Days - Hitten.

Tell us something you've done and we don't know about?
I have a facebook account.
Who is the best dressed DJ in your opinion?
Dj DecioTako.
What is your favorite bad word or blasphemy?
What is your favorite dish?
A full plate.
What are you doing tomorrow?
Whatever i could not do it today.
Portuguese version at Surface to Air Brasil