Wednesday, March 9, 2011


We are very proud to announce our release on "BoysNoizeRecords" Antigalactic.
The whole song started to shape up in Brazil in the hands of Laima Leyton, Iggor Cavalera & Max Blum.
Then, with the help of our great friends and producers Dave & Bert from belgiums finest band Goose we finally finished all together and here you can have a taste of the final result plus remixes from super selected features.

Mumbai Science: The new kings of Belgium's techno scene deliver us a real "club banger". We just love the hypnotic bassline! it feels so good to know that there's new fresh blood on the music scene now...and of course they are from the land of "Fritjes"!
Bedankt guys...Mumbai roxxx!

Gui Boratto: Minimal master Gui destroys his Music man bass on this remix, we where so happy to hear that he played a real bass on Antigalactic...You can totally feel his rock'n'roll roots on this one!
We can't wait to do a long version of this live with mr. Boratto.
Obrigado Gui !

InFlagranti: We been huge fans of Sasha & Alex music for a long time, so when we heard their version of Antigalactic it  just blown our minds, is a true " Superb trip of a remix!"
IF are such an inspiration for us...musicaly and visually!!!.

We love you all!!! Mixhell