Tuesday, April 27, 2010



Pedro Winter is Busy P and the amazing man behind Ed Banger Records 
1. What are you thinking of right now?
The best way to answer those questions is not to think too much.
If I think it will take hours to reply to my Brazilain friends!
So here I am, take me as i am. It's noon in Paris, sun is back. Ed Banger records is 7 years old, we have so much music to release this year, I'm excited!
2. Where do you live and who lives with you?
I'm living in the north of Paris, on a little mountain called Montmartre.
I was born and raised in Paris. I will never leave my city. I just got an Eiffel Tower tatooed on my arm ahahaha!
3. Which is your favorite word?
BONJOUR! everyone understad this one.
4. Which sin most attempts you?
Getting ink under my skin! Once you start you can't stop! My mum is not happy I've got tatts.
But hey I'm far from Iggor's colored body!!!!
5. What is the worst thing some one can do to you?
Loosing my confidence. I am really loyal, I have good memory too.
6. Your favorite track of the moment?
I'm really into dubstep at the moment. I like that heavy and deep bass thing.
go listen to this funny one : High Rankin "Meow Meow" 
High Rankin - Meow MeowbyHigh Rankin
7. Tell us something you've done and we don't know about?
Ok ok ok but keep it for you please. Once I had to Dj in a boring spot, I was asking myself what the fuck am i doing here ??? So I just dropped a one hour mix CD and left dicretly, no one noticed!
8. Who is the best dressed DJ in your opinion?
Dj Hell , that man got natural class. His last album "Teufelswerk" was pure gold.

9. What is your favorite bad word or blasphemy?
Nique Ta Mere, but it's ugly and not sexy to be honest. It's just a classic french insult.
It's also the name of our most famous hip hop french band NTM
10. what is your favorite dish?
Asian, Italian and French food are the one that i love the most. I feel lucky to travel that much and discover all those delicious stuff. I must say that Brazil food was insane when I visited Rio with Daft Punk.
11. What are you doing tomorrow?
I fly to Miami with my party partner Dj Mehdi. We have 4 shows in 4 days oh la la!
It's always a funny trip. Srping is arriving in Paris, summer is already in Miami!
WMC is a cool place to see all our friends and drink pina colada.
Pedro was interviewed on March 23rd 2010.
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