Saturday, May 29, 2010

Iggor Goes 11 with Laima

Laima Leyton Cavalera, born May 29th, 1977 is half of Mixhell, mom of 5 kids, 
Iggor Cavalera's wife and this weeks birthday girl!

If you had 6 months of life what would you do with it? 
I would visit each one of my dear family and friends to say bye and go to the sea side with Iggor and our kids...
Which is your favorite item from your closet?
My Chanel balerinas. 
What was the last time you cried? 
When my grandma died two years ago... Haven't cried since then.
Your first musical memory...
She Loves You from The Beatles. My dad says it's the first I've ever heard while still at hospital. Also finding a Kiss "Love Gun" vynil on my dad's records and listening it a lot!
The concert that most surprised you...
It was Perry Farrel's DJ set at Tim Festival in Rio. The set was trancy and wierd but when he played "Summertime Rolls" and sang on top it was amazing! Have to admit that Cavalera Conspirancy in Donnington 2008 was awesome too, seeing Iggor play drums live changed my life.
Desired object? 
A big house with a lot of empty space! 
Favorite video game? 
Dr Mario (Nintendo) 
If you had only 3 energy outlets, what electronics would you plug in? 
Fridge, Korg MS 20 and Nespresso machine, computer would be on battery, of course. A TV would be the very last, I can easily live without.
How do you define love? 
Unexplainable, something like God, which I also don't know how to explain. 
If you could make a software what would it be?
An application to always know where my kids are.
Which is the track you most hate at the moment?
Anything that Rihanna sings.